Missy Vineyard


We all learned to use ourselves – to coordinate how we do what we do, physically and mentally, when we were young. As adults we seldom think about it. But unconscious habits learned in childhood or caused by trauma or injury often lie at the source of many symptoms and complaints such as chronic muscle pain; tension and stiffness; joint pain and immobility; difficulty learning new movement skills or improving technique; over-reacting emotionally; feeling stressed; or being unable to change unwanted behavior.

For example, you may jog for miles each week yet suffer from chronic knee pain. You may lift weights regularly at the gym, yet find it difficult to sit through a long meeting. You may practice an instrument or play a sport for long hours yet still not perform as well as you would like. You may find yourself unable to overcome feelings of anger, fear, or anxiety. You may find it hard to relax at the end of the workday and simply get to sleep. In short, mental and physical well being requires more than eating well, exercising, and limiting stress. It requires a conscious, skilled coordination of yourself—mind and body—in all that you do.

The Alexander Technique is an educational method for studying your self to learn how to prevent unconscious habits of poor posture, malcoordination, tension, and emotional over-reaction. Different from exercise, massage, or therapy, it opens the door to understanding maladaptive habits, how they are triggered, and how to change them. You can learn to sit comfortably without slouching, to walk without feeling tired, to play an instrument or engage in sports without injury. You can develop greater self-awareness, think without strain, respond without anxiety, and enhance your innate physical intelligence.

For people of all ages and from all types of backgrounds, the Alexander Technique offers an invaluable and timeless education in the use of your self.

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