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NPR Morning Edition March 28, 2011


Constructive Rest | Lie Down |Semi Supine

Brief 1.5 minute video of an Alexander Technique Lie Down from STAT
6 minute video with Carolyn Nicholls on the Semi Supine

British Medical Journal Study

How does the Alexander Technique work? Part 1: 6 minute video
How does the Alexander Technique work? Part 2: 6 minute video

An Introduction with Marjorie Barstow

“It’s when you have that experience that you really begin to understand what Alexander’s discovered.” ~ Marjorie Barstow

An Impression of the Alexander Technique

“This film does not define what the Alexander Technique is, nor did it ever intend to. It is rather an attempt to capture an impression, a rough sketch of Alexander’s discovery with a mosaic of voices. For those who have had lessons, these voices will surely resonate with a sense of familiarity. For those who have never encountered the Alexander Technique, perhaps these voices will spark a curiosity to learn more.”